Customer created order, and all went well. Now I try to ship the product and get this error:

Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity.

I checked and all product are on plenty on stock. 'salable quantity' is also stock minus sold after the order.


Just checked the product Qty you have in source item table

    mysql-> select * from inventory_source_item where sku = %you sku%;

Just check the product Qty you have in legacy Catalog Inventory Stock Item table

  mysql-> select * from cataloginventory_stock_item where product_id = %your product id% \

If the Qty item is zero in the inventory_source_item update the Quantity item . Then issue will be solved.

  • I have checked the product plenty of stock – Divya Jun 7 at 8:39
  • There is lots of product which show this error – Divya Jun 7 at 9:43

to editors: a question can't be properly answered if not enough information is given. if you choose to delete probing questions, maybe nudge the author to provide more information.

@goodlock is this a fresh install or migrated? what version of magento?

i experienced this on a migrated store, magento v2.3.1 from 1.9.4. i assigned products to a source and opened them for editing then cleared cache. i found that some product's data need formatting like removing trailing spaces on SKUs.

good luck!


Magento Have integrated Stock reduce when you Shipped. Make sure the Default quantity and Stock Inventory are available to decrease Quantity.

If not resolved then try to indexing.

php -d memory_limit=15G bin/magento indexer:reindex

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