In Magento 2 It is possible to add shipping charge if specific category product is available in cart.

If not then please suggest me another way.

Thanks in advance..!


There is no such feature is available but you can do this by creating the cart rule.

Please follow the below guidelines

Go to the below location

Magento_admin > Marketing > Promotion > Cart Price Rule

Click on Add New Cart

Fill the form for the customer groups select the appropriate customer to whom you want this rules to be applied, in the coupon dropdown select No coupon so that no one require to apply the coupon for getting free shipping, select the date range.

Now Go to the Actions tab, there in Discount Amount give 0

For the Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items) section follow the below things.

  • Click on the plus button please refer
  • Select Category from the first dropdown please refer
  • From the second dropdown select is one of, please refer
  • Click on the ... & click on the open chooser please refer select the categories in which you want to apply free shipping please refer
  • In the Free Shipping dropdown select For matching items only.

Save the cart rule & set the required shipping method that you want to apply on the specific categories that you have not selected into the cart price rule & now test it it will work

Explanation: Here what we have created is we have created a shipping method for all the products/categories & then we created a cart rule to eliminate those categories on which you don't want to apply the shipping charge. So ultimately you are having the feature of shipping method on the specific categories but in different manner. :)

  • Sir, I want to add shipping charges not reduce charges. – Sanjay Gohil Apr 4 at 18:48
  • Cart price rule & catalog price rule is a feature for providing the discount on the products & the shopping total amount it is not for adding extra amount into the shipping amount. – ABHISHEK TRIPATHI Apr 5 at 3:59
  • 1
    Alternatively is what you can do is add the shipping amount to all the products & increase the price of the products & create the shipping method with that extra amount what you want to add on those category products & then apply the above rule – ABHISHEK TRIPATHI Apr 5 at 4:01
  • I got your point, Thanks – Sanjay Gohil Apr 5 at 7:06

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