I want to get custom product attribute ('deliverytime') values for checkout config in jquery

Here is the code for getting default product attributes jquery


 function updateDeliveryDateAndTime() {
                if($('#delivery_date').length && window.checkoutConfig && window.checkoutConfig.quoteItemData) {

                    //read checkoutconfig
                    var quoteData = checkoutConfig.quoteItemData,
                        quote_length = quoteData.length,
                      prep_times = [],
                      creation_dates = [],
                      cake_names = [],
                      item_ids = [];
                    console.log(quoteData[0].deliverytime); // **this shows undefined** 

How can I get the custom product attributes values in checkout config jquery

Anyone have idea?


Use your same product object $obj->getDatetime(); get is appended to your fields name (you see in admin on inspecting the element)

So if you fields is product['datetimevalue'] . Then syntac would be getDatetimevalue();

Assign this value to one of the div element. In jquery just pull value and show.

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