I have transferred my magento website to another server now I am getting below error

Exception #0 (Magento\Framework\Config\Dom\ValidationException): Element 'block', attribute 'ifConfig': The attribute 'ifConfig' is not allowed.
Line: 205

And my magento version is 2.2.3

I am stuck here from few days. So please help to solve this issue.


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Did you resolve this? I have the same on 2.2.4 - I have no idea what changed on my site, it was fine when I left it last week and now this. I've changed to a default Magento theme, but the issue still persists.

Update: I've found my problem, it was in an XML file in an extension. No idea why it suddenly became problematic, unfortunately. The only way I found it was to do a case-sensitive search on ifConfig on all of the files


Looks like in the error messaging you are trying to use "ifConfig" rather than "ifconfig". I hope this helps!

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