-v 2.3 theme - luma locale - UK

I need to change 'excl tax' to 'excl vat' on my catalog/cart pages and believe I need to create a CSV file with the translation contained this file.

My question is that the doc pages say to have this file in app/design/frontend/{themepackage}/{themename} in my system I have app/design/frontend/Magento the Magento directory is empty.

The theme directory I have is in path vendor/magento. So where do I save the CSV file?

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You can put it inside app/design/frontend/Magento/{luma/blank}/en_US/i18n/your_csv_file.csv

If Magento directory is empty create the {luma or blank} and the rest of the folder.
Then run upgrade command and redeploy static files.

  • I'm reading documentation saying that the path to 'my_csv_file.csv' should be app/design/frontend/Magento/luma/i18n the path you say has a en_US directory
    – Eddie
    Apr 10, 2019 at 4:57

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