I have my own website in Magento2 and also use my shipping method I have created below function in Model\Service\AbstractService.php

     * Convert weight to kilogram
     * @param $weight
     * @param $weightUnit
     * @param int $roundPrecision
     * @return float
    public function convertWeightToKg($weight, $weightUnit, $roundPrecision = 3)
        return round(

Now I have created new function like Convert weight to grams

so what to do for this function. give me solution for this.

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    what you want? Question is NOT clear.Please explain what you want to achieve? – Amit Bera Apr 2 at 13:15
  • I want created new function like Convert weight to grams above is the example ok – MehulKanjariya Apr 2 at 13:50

public function convertWeightToKg($weight, $weightUnit, $roundPrecision = 3)


switch ($weightUnit) {

case 'LBS':
    return $finalWeight;

case 'KILOGRAM':
    return $finalWeight;

    return $weight;

} }

  • let me know if any issues – mohith Apr 2 at 17:21
  • This is basic structure you can modifiy as per your need – mohith Apr 2 at 17:23
  • what is case for gram weight – MehulKanjariya Apr 4 at 20:22
  • default will work – mohith Apr 5 at 4:18
  • kindly check this and update if any issues – mohith Apr 5 at 4:19

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