Magento has 4-5 ways to translate and haven't good explanation of translation priority.

Translates can be

  • in themes
  • in modules
  • in translate package
  • in sub folders of themes/modules

There is my csv:


Add: Magento 2 in some cases can't translate phrases. Translate package helps...

So, my config is

  • ru_RU.csv in the theme
  • in the app/i18n//ru_RU/*

Magento use the last one translation independent of module was been specified, if in CSV has not theme's translation. I suppose Magento ignore CSV's 3rd column for example

"Summary","Заголовок","module","Magento_Review" "Summary","Обзор","module","Magento_Checkout"

All translation will be 'Обзор'

Is there exist any 'academic' solution to apply correct translate phrases to corresponding module's templates (instead of it's changing)?

  • The top priority for translation in Magento is the INLINE TRANSLATION, which is found in Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Developer >> Translate Inline. Well, very nice question. :) Apr 2 '19 at 12:10

As far as I remember, translation works in the following order

  1. module translations
  2. theme translation
  3. translation package (language pack)
  4. database translation (Inline translation)

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