i have a custom module for shipping methods in magento 2

i need to get config product id in the cart list using jquery


<script type="text/javascript">
    //function($) {
      $(document).ready( function() {
        // read checkoutconfig
        var quoteData = checkoutConfig.quoteItemData,
          quote_length = quoteData.length,
          prep_times = [],
          creation_dates = [],
          cake_names = [],
          item_ids = [];

        // Manually prepare this list either by cake name or by item id

        var cakes_prep_time_by_name = {
for(var i = 0; i < quote_length; i++) {
           // quoteData[i].name
           //var prep_time = quoteData[i].prep_time; //assumed

           var order_time = quoteData[i].created_at;

           var cake_name = quoteData[i].name;

           var item_id = quoteData[i].item_id;

           var prep_time = cakes_prep_time_by_name[cake_name];

when i go to check out i need to get all configurable products ids and new custom attribute

any one have idea???

  • share your code where you want this config mean configurable product id ? – Hassan Ali Shahzad Apr 2 at 10:51
  • Added code........................ – prabhakaran7 Apr 2 at 10:56
  • I would suggest to use window.checkoutConfig functionality. I am not sure what you exactly wanted by you may refer this link. magestore.com/magento-2-tutorial/… – Yash Shah Apr 2 at 11:21

You can use.


I hope it's helpful for you.

  • how i can get custom product attribute value in magento 2 – prabhakaran7 Apr 6 at 8:14
  • Can you please give me your url ? – Sweety Masmiya Apr 6 at 8:16

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