How can we create "packs" of the same product in Magento 2? (M2)

We sell T-shirts in sizes. So this means 1 configurable product and 1 simple product for every child product size (and maybe also colors). Stock is managed on the simple level.

We want to create "packs" (a bundle of the SAME product) in Magento 2. to be clear, with multipacks we mean exactly this as explained by Google Merchant. https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6324488?hl=en

The goal is : end products with the SAME basis simple products. Only the SKU and the QTY is different.

So how should this work? Some examples

Frontend sales: when buying a 6pack T-shirts we are buying a product with SKU PARENT-TSHIRTS-WHITE-6PACK. Underlying are 6x CHILD-TSHIRTS-WHITE-SIZE_LARGE.

And when buying a single pack it would be 1x SKU PARENT-TSHIRTS-WHITE-1PACK. Underlying are 1x CHILD-TSHIRTS-WHITE-SIZE_LARGE

When exporting products for say feeds, or Google Merchant then the product is exported twice. 1 time for SKU PARENT-TSHIRTS-WHITE-6PACK with underlying simple and 1x for SKU PARENT-TSHIRTS-WHITE-1PACK with (the same) underlying simple products....

Customer have the same experience as any product on the frontend. When they visit the 1pack they see the T-shirt and have to select the size and the qty. When they visit the 6pack they see the same product and and have to select the size and the qty.

The "pack qty attribute" (also necessary for exporting to Merchant) would be stored on the product level.

Question: how can we create packs of configurable products as explained above.

  • an additional complication is that pricing is now stored on the SIMPLE product level instead of the parent product (being the 4pack or 6pack) – snh_nl Jul 15 at 13:55

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