I installed the Patch SUPEE-11086 but my Magento Version still shows instead of

Why is the version not changed?


The patches are meant to be applied on older versions to only fix specific issues without updating Magento. As such, they do not increase the Magento version number like (

If you are already on the latest version you can update Magento with a patch release like instead of applying the patch with the shell script.

The difference is:

- an update replaces all core files and bumps the version number
- a patch only changes specific lines in specific files

  • So how can I upgrade from to magento ? Do I just have to download and copy it over my project? – Black Mar 30 '19 at 18:33
  • Yes first backup your files and database after latest magento files override – Rakesh Donga Mar 30 '19 at 18:36

Magento version remains unchanged. Only if you update Magento your version gets changed. To confirm whether patch applied successfully or not please visit the file app/etc/applied.patches.list

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