Hello is possible to fix this issue? I know that are external js. enter image description here

  • Where it is being called. Add either defer or asynchronous as <script SRC="" defer/asynchronous>. It will solve your problem – Raj Mohan R Mar 29 at 17:33
  • Thanks for your reply. In which file i have to add this script? – KernelPaniC Mar 29 at 17:40
  • Can you able to identify from where the external scripts are called? – Raj Mohan R Mar 29 at 17:41
  • It show after a few attempts on the contact page and in most forms. If I'm not mistaken. But I'm not sure. – KernelPaniC Mar 29 at 17:45
  • Are you using any module for reCAPTCHA? – Raj Mohan R Mar 29 at 17:49

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