first at all, I'm totally a newby if it regards Magento 2.

I have a PHP script which I run on the command prompt using: php <program-name> What this script does is assign Upsell products programatically.

Hereunder an excerpt:

First, I create the link and push to $linkData array;

  $productLink = $obj->create('Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductLinkInterface')
        $linkData[] = $productLink;

After all productLink's are created, I update the upsell products:

$productFinalUpdate = $productRepository->get($productToUpdate->getSku());

What I'm trying to do is removing all upsell products before reassigning them. However, I have no clue about the following:

How can I remove all upsell products of a product from my program?

What I tried is this:

Check for a method 'unsetProductLinks' or 'removeProductLinks', but no luck



What is the setPosition() doing exactly?

When I assign 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, it doesn't work with there are no upsell products allready assigned. When I assign 0, it adds the upsell products, but only two of them appear in admin weird enough.


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