Magento 2.2.4

Running a B2B store on M2 CE 2.2.4, we tend to have some larger orders in both price and weight. Looking through the default shipping method options, FedEx gives a minimal amount of freight options in

3 Day Freight
2 Day Freight
1 Day Freight

Which I suppose could be better but atleast gives options, it doesn't appear UPS allows for any such options, so if the product weight for the order goes over the set amount (mind you, I've tried raising that to absurd amounts like 10,000 lbs and it still won't give any type of quote, so I assume the UPS API has it's own weight restrictions), it won't supply any quote at all and just throws the default error message of This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us..

Are there UPS Freight options available for Magento 2?


Better to contact UPS and ask for the specific weight restrictions within your region.

As for the default Maximum Package Weight it will always be 150 for lbs as to UPS limitation.

You can also specify from the Allowed methods the Ground Commercial method which is applicable to Destination Type of Commercial.

UPS Packages Request Type has two options:

  • Divide to equal weight (one request): If total cart weight is for eg. 180lb, ups will calculate the rate for 180/2=90lb and if for eg. for 90lb UPS says it will cost $100, the final cost will be $100*2 = 200. i.e. two packages of 90lbs each.

  • Use origin weight (few requests): If cart weight is 180lbs with one child product of 50lb and other of 130lbs, UPS will calculate the separate rate for 130lbs and 50lbs package by sending two requests to API and sum them up. For eg. of 130lbs package costs $100 and 50lbs package cost $60 the final shipping cost will be $100 + $60=$160.

  • I have tried the Use Origin Weight option to allow for multiple requests, no item being more than 20lbs, the total weight comes to 405lbs. I would think they'd split it into 20 requests and come back with some kind of calculated rate, however the error message comes as <ErrorDescription>The maximum per package weight for the selected service from the selected country or territory is 150.00 pounds.</ErrorDescription>. With this, I've also tried changing packaging from our usual container of Customer Packaging to Pallet to no avail. Same old issue. Any ideas? – ne0nlight Apr 4 at 15:50
  • UPS has a standard on palletizing shipment. How about using customer supplied package in your container settings. And also you can try to contact UPS about on how to use their freight services. – fmsthird Apr 5 at 4:25

With a lot of research and reaching out to UPS, it turns out they have Freight API's and other sources, but Magento natively only grabs their standard shipping API which does not include freight ground or LTL shipments.

That said, probably the best solution, though paid, appears to be shipperhq.com, which I will most likely be turning towards. Plenty of options and great support if anyone runs into this issue.

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