Followed all steps mentioned here (https://magento-research.github.io/pwa-studio/venia-pwa-concept/setup/) to install PWA-studio on my local.

All went fine except when going to start development instance using

yarn run watch:venia

Constantly getting this error:

cat: /home/narendra/.config/devcert/certificate-authority/certificate.cert: No such file or directory Error: [pwa-buildpack:Utilities:configureHost.js] Could not setup development domain: Error: Command failed: sudo cat /home/narendra/.config/devcert/certificate-authority/certificate.cert cat: /home/narendra/.config/devcert/certificate-authority/certificate.cert: No such file or directory

Seems as if certificate file not generated, how can we resolve that.

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I solved my problem, hope if it may help anyone else.

The issue was that I was not having the root access and due to which it was not working.

** If any one else faces this issue please delete content of

"/home/narendra/.config/devcert" folder completely and try again with root user.

(In my case option to enter password was also not coming but on deleting this folders content at least I was on initial stage. )

Hope if it may help someone

Found this very helpful: https://github.com/davewasmer/devcert/issues/22


What I did was just chown bob:group2 folder that has not got the right user permission and it works for me also.

  • Just one thing that I notice is that the chrome browser state as Not Secure but when I click to get info it says Certificate (Valid) not sure why Chrome says Not Secure ? Jun 30, 2020 at 10:30

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