how do i upgrade from magento to

Do i just use the Magento Connect Manager? Do I need to back up my DB as well as exisiting install to be safe?


You have two options:

1) Apply all patches to your Magento (and you'll be with the latest version).

2) Override manually all core files. includes all patches.

There's a third option with Composer but isn't used by most of the stores on Magento1 so I guess you should choose between the first two options.

Remember to make a backup of code & Database before an upgrade.

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  • is it possible to Magento version upgrade in Mganeto2 using the composer? – Dhaval Patel Feb 11 at 6:35
  • 2
    @DhavalPatel, from M1 to M2 upgradation you need third party migration tool or you can manually create all your modules in Magento 2 fresh setup. If your project have not many modules intergrated then i suggest go with Fresh M2 setup & create all modules in M2. – Nayan Baraiya Feb 11 at 8:22
  • OK thanks I will try it – Dhaval Patel Feb 11 at 10:23

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