After upgrading in Magento 2.3.1, Email sender name is not showing correct as configured in admin.

If Email info@example.com is configured in admin then sender name is showing "info".

How can I fix the issue? can anyone suggest.

  • Recheck your settings also check that you have not assigned on store level aswell as default level – Dava Gordon Mar 27 at 12:32
  • How did you fix this, I am also facing same issue – Sudheer Singamsetti May 26 at 9:04
  • @SudheerSingamsetti, I have worked "vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Transport/Sendmail.php" – Vinod Kumar May 27 at 9:16
  • update header information in the function: "public function mailHandler($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $parameters)" – Vinod Kumar May 27 at 9:17

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