Please modify question when anyone understands

I'm getting the shipping errors on the checkout page

When products weight have 0+(0.1)

but when I set products weight 0 it works perfectly

I'm using Webkul Canada post shipping Extensions

{message: "Carrier with such method not found: %1, %2", parameters: ["canadapost", null]} message: "Carrier with such method not found: %1, %2" parameters: ["canadapost", null] 0: "canadapost" 1: null

offending code in file above;

// Do send the request
// This may raise an exception which is actually
// handled in jQuery.ajax (so no try/catch here)
xhr.send( ( options.hasContent && options.data ) || null );


addressInformation: {shipping_address: {countryId: "CA", regionId: "74", street: ["", ""], postcode: "N2V1K7"},…} billing_address: {countryId: "CA", regionId: "74", street: ["", ""], postcode: "N2V1K7", saveInAddressBook: null} extension_attributes: {} shipping_address: {countryId: "CA", regionId: "74", street: ["", ""], postcode: "N2V1K7"} countryId: "CA" postcode: "N2V1K7" regionId: "74" street: ["", ""] 0: "" 1: "" shipping_carrier_code: "canadapost" shipping_method_code: null

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