I don't see a patch for is this an error by the magento team or is it not supported?

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Patch is supported for your version.Apply the patch PATCH_SUPEE-11086_CE_1.9.1.0_v1.sh. I was using Magento, applied PATCH_SUPEE-11086_CE_1.9.3.10_v1.sh. The patch was applied successfully. I was also confused earlier tried both and where the second was applied successfully which does it mean the patch can be applied for versions to

So I hope for you too PATCH_SUPEE-11086_CE_1.9.1.0_v1.sh can be applied from versions to

  • I can confirm that PATCH_SUPEE-11086_CE_1.9.1.0_v1.sh works for thanks for the tip! Mar 30, 2019 at 9:46

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