I'm currently using PowerShell's Invoke-RestMethod to access Magento APIs. My problem is I'm trying to pass some searchCriteria in a $body variable to look for a specific 'increment_id'. Here is the code:

    $body = @{
'searchCriteria' = @{
         'filterGroups' = @{
                 'filters' = @{
                         'field' = 'increment_id'
                         'value' = '878'
                         'condition_type' = 'eq'

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Headers $header -Body $body -OutFile "C:\order.txt"

When this command is run, I get a response that contains all of the orders on our site. At this point, I'm just trying to learn my way through using the Invoke-RestMethod command, but my end goal is to use this command to retrieve the latest order that was placed on the Magento site.

Thanks, Trevor

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