Owl Carousel Magento 2 images not loading in responsive mode it working in desntop and tab.Below 765px dynmically width is setting to 0px. In responsive only controllers working fine can any one help me this issue

    <div class="owl-wrapper" style="width: 0px;left: 0px;display: block;transition: all 500ms ease 0s;transform: translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px);/* overflow: hidden !important; */">
<div class="owl-item" style="width: 0px;autoWidth: true;"><div class="banner_item">
<img alt="Home page4 slider" data-cfsrc="https://test.com/media/slidebanner/w/o/women-fashion-01_1.jpg" src="https://test.com/media/slidebanner/w/o/women-fashion-01_1.jpg"> </div></div><div class="owl-item" style="width: 0px;"><div class="banner_item">
<img alt="Home page4 slider" data-cfsrc="https://test.com/media/slidebanner/w/o/women-fashion-02_1.jpg" src="https://test.com/media/slidebanner/w/o/women-fashion-02_1.jpg"> </div></div></div>

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