I am working in git workflow. I want to know how I can create symlinks to source files after changing git branch?

Let's say I have three root source files in my theme that are located as below.

app\design\frontend\Vendor\theme\web\css\styles-l.less app\design\frontend\Vendor\theme\web\css\styles-m.less app\design\frontend\Vendor\theme\web\css\custom.less

And these files import other files to make changes like below. In custom.less file I set like below.

@import (reference) 'source/lib/_lib.less';
@import 'source/_variables.less';
@import '_homepage.less';
@import '_custom_header.less';
@import '_category.less';

Now let's say if I moved to other git branch and I added or deleted some module specific less file then if I run below command

php bin/magento dev:source-theme:deploy area="frontend" --theme="Vendor/theme" css/styles-l css/styles-m css/custom

symlinks to all source files are generated in pub directory, but the module specific files are not generated.(_module.less and _widgets.less). We must run `

grunt clean:theme

grunt exec:theme

Only after that module specific file comes at pub directory. So I can safely run

grunt less:theme

But in this case I have to deploy static content again to bring js and other static files which is very time consuming. So any help will be great.

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