Is there a way to set work around the Reservations in 2.3 ?


"The quantity of the product decrease only after shipping is completed"

. We do oversell over the weekend as qty doesn't go down on order placement. Its brilliant but when you go back on Monday and see -45 on products you have a problem.

Can we switch so quantity depreciates on order placement?

  • How did you configured Admin > Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock Options > Decrease Stock When Order is Placed = ? – obscure Mar 26 at 7:47

Go To Admin Left Menu Store >> Configuration >> Catalog >> Inventory >> Stock Options and Select 'Yes' for Selection 'Decrease Stock When Order is Placed'.

enter image description here

  • hi, i have the same setup. and order is depreciated after shipping is done. – Krzysztof Linetty Mar 26 at 15:16
  • @KrzysztofLinetty Maybe you have some kind of bug. The quantity should be decreased after checkout. There is no telling where the bug is in your store code unless this is a known Magento 2.3 bug – obscure Mar 26 at 16:19

Hey @Krzysztof Linetty,

The behavior you described is quite strange. Because even so Magento decreases the Quantity of Product on Source only after shipping is completed, but along with that Magento creates Reservation at the time when the order is placed, and that reservation decreases Salable product quantity. So that the reservation mechanism prevents overselling, while admin will process the order.

You can read more about that here - https://github.com/magento-engcom/msi/wiki/Salable-Quantity-Calculation-and-Mechanism-of-Reservations

Can you check whether you have reservations created for the orders you mentioned? and what is the Salable quantity of your product?


The issue was related to third party extension that wasn't ready for 2.3

If anyone is using m2e and has this same issue: "you need to change configuration files so m2e takes a source from saleable quantity. thanks,

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