I import images into Magento as described here https://docs.magento.com/m2/ee/user_guide/system/data-import-product-images.html and here Product import csv images not getting imported :

I upload the images to pub/media/import, create a csv file with the skus and image filenames, and use the import functionality in Magento Admin for the csv file.

CSV file format

This works well, but the order of the images uploaded is not the way I want it to be: Alternative images are the first, and the base_image is the last in the sequence.

Our editor team is not so happy about that, because they have to manually click into each product and drag&drop the images into the correct order.

Is there any way to simplify this?

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In your csv kindly check whether the images are properly assigned to small_image,thumbnail_image,swatch_image,base_image if they are not assign them properly Hope it works.Let me know if any issues

  • I have updated the question and added a screenshot of the csv file. In M2 Admin, all images appear and are correctly tagged as base, thumbnail and small image, but the additional images are first in sequence.
    – hey
    Mar 26, 2019 at 20:31

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