I want to show the product's special price in the catalog but I am getting an error when there is more than one product with a discount. One color product's click triggers a change in all catalog.

I changed the condition on the file:


It in order to show the special price on catalog product, like this:

<?php if (!$block->isProductList() && $block->hasSpecialPrice()): ?>


<?php if ($block->hasSpecialPrice()): ?>

On page load, this is the current view:

Page load

If I click in a color with a discount (the white color on the first product), it triggers changes on the second one, like this:

The second product changes when I click the first one too

I am struggled to find where I need to change to fix this problem. Any idea will be more than welcome.


I finally found a solution to my problem. I changed the _UpdatePrice() function from:

if (typeof result != 'undefined' && result.oldPrice.amount !== result.finalPrice.amount) {
} else {


if (typeof result != 'undefined' && result.oldPrice.amount !== result.finalPrice.amount) {
} else {

The previous code was looking for the .sly-old-price selector, finding more than one match causing the change in all products. Narrowing the search to the product's container solves the problem.

Hope it helps.

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