I'm using Magento EE Cloud 2.2.7. while adding gift wrapping for quote items, it is showing incorrect total (price incl. tax). Grand total is shown correctly.

Totals Data:

gw_items_base_price: "5.0000"

gw_items_base_price_incl_tax: "2.5000"

gw_items_base_tax_amount: "0.0000"

gw_items_price: "5.0000"

gw_items_price_incl_tax: "2.5000"​​​

gw_items_tax_amount: "0.0000"

In this example, item qty is 2 and gift wrapping price is 2.5 . So, Gift Wrapping total is shown as 2.50$, instead of 5.00 $ . In the grand total, the gift wrapping is calculated correctly.

I have Dout in Calculation Which is Coming From This File :


function: protected function processWrappingForItems($total, $itemTaxDetails), which isn't taking in consideration item qty in calculation.

Please Any one Have a idea,Help me.

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