I need to customize admin grid which is in Content->Pages.

What is the correct way to add new feature/customize to the admin grid?

Suppose in the above-mentioned grid, I need to change the "Add New Page" to "Add Pages"


  • did it work? di you find it? hows the tip below, did it help? – magefms Mar 28 at 7:19

You can override vendor/magento/module-cms/view/adminhtml/ui_component/cms_page_listing.xml

With your custom module, through the path:


From there you can change,

<label translate="true">Add New Page</label>  


<label translate="true">Add Pages</label>

@magefms is right but you can also do it other way using translation way.

CSV file is located at:


Then need the following changes: Add New Page => Add Pages

Then run below command

php bin/magento c:f php bin/magento c:c

Click here for more refrance

I hope it helps!

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