We have raised a support ticket with Magento, and they asked us to use the "Data Collector" (System > Support > Data Collector).

I wonder now, what impact this tool has:

  • can I run it in a production environment?
  • would it export customer data?
  • would it obfuscate customer data if it would export it?
  • what kind of performance impact would it have to run it?

I only found this in the Magento2 documentation: https://docs.magento.com/m2/ee/user_guide/system/support-data-collector.html

Update: I have tried out a bit. It seems as if the main customer table ( customer_entity ) is obfuscated. Further customer data like the data stored in customer_entity_text is not obfuscated. I was also able to find email addresses and names of customers who placed orders.

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