Highly appreciate any help I have installed Porto thee to my existing magento store that was built in Luma Theme

I successfully installed Porto Theme and it's modules but my checkout page not working after installing theme even when i click on add to cart button of any product it shows product added in cart . also cart page work fine. but when i click checkout button it go to blank page. Please advice thanks alot in advance.

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    Have you find any errors in browser console log on checkout page? if you observe any error please include in your post so that it will very easy to understand the what is the exact issue ? as well please check logs exception and system and debug logs etc.. – Nagaraju Kasa Mar 23 at 19:38
  • mean time my suggestion is raise ticket to porto theme and try to debug from your end as well. – Nagaraju Kasa Mar 23 at 19:41
  • this is error i getting in console snag.gy/JhAGiV.jpg – Aadii Mughal Mar 23 at 20:14
  • cart Page this error console snag.gy/pe2I3r.jpg – Aadii Mughal Mar 23 at 20:16

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