I am struggling with the configuration of "Bundled / Configurable / Grouped Products".

We have following Simple Articles:


  • Flavour 1
  • Flavour 2
  • Flavour 3


  • Nicotine Shot

Now we want one Master Article where you can select your desired Flavour and your desired NICOTINE STRENGTH. Flavour Selection can be done via Bundled Product, that would be fine. But how do we deal with the NicStr. Selection?

The Customer should be able to select from multiple nic levels

  • Zero Nic
  • 3 mg Nic
  • 6 mg Nic
  • [..]

When the Customer is selecting 3 mg he get's 2 "Nicotine Shots", while 6 mg means 4 Nicotine Shots.

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