In my theme settings having enable newsletter pop-up option, i enable it. But showing light grey-out colour and clossing button only, not getting newsletter form.


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  • can you please share your live url ? or theme name? – Ranganathan Mar 23 at 6:35
  • I'm using Fastest theme – Priya Mar 23 at 6:36
  • please check console, does it have any errors? – Ranganathan Mar 23 at 6:37
  • Yeah, i checked i did not get any error – Priya Mar 23 at 6:38
  • 1
    Then i think the newsletter is managed from cms block....if so can u pls check in this case/ – Ranganathan Mar 23 at 6:42

Please can you Provide your code Here Right Now, Otherwise Please Prefer This link to get more info about popup model in magento :-

Magento2 creating and calling modal widget

  • Thanks for your replay. I got the result by adding static block and place the id in popup newsletter box. – Priya Mar 23 at 9:21

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