So i am trying to implement Masonry to Mageplaza InstaFeed Widget into a CMS page, but the code generated by the feed do not get Masonry working. Since If I copy the generated code once again into the CMS page Masonry do the job I guess the problem is with masonry waiting the images to be loaded, so I am implementing ImagesLoaded too, but with Bridget and Require it all become a mess to handle, so far this is the code, the console give no error:

<script type="text/javascript" xml="space">// <![CDATA[
requirejs( [ 'require', 'jquery', 'js/masonry.pkgd', 'js/imagesloaded', 'domReady!' ],
function( require, $, ImagesLoad, Masonry ) {
    require( [ 'jquery-bridget/jquery-bridget' ],
    function( jQueryBridget ) {
        jQueryBridget( 'masonry', Masonry, $ );

                    function initMasonry() {

                    var $grid = $('.instagrid');

            itemSelector: '.mpinstagramfeed-photo',
            percentPosition: true,
            columnWidth: '.grid-sizer'

$grid.imagesLoaded().progress( function() {

// ]]></script>

but still no Masonry.

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