Not able to order configurable product If I click on Proceed to checkout it will take us to payment page then if we click on Place order it'll get redirected to "http://fourkart.co.in/test3/checkout/cart/" page

  • Check your logs for error. which payment method you are using ? – Mohit chauhan Mar 22 at 12:11
  • We are still in development mode if we select cash delivery also getting the same issue. Tell me which log I need to check. – Punith Mar 22 at 12:26
  • Check exception.log in var folder – Mohit chauhan Mar 22 at 12:33
  • This is the exception showing in log [2019-03-22 12:03:44] main.CRITICAL: Could not connect to host {"exception":"[object] (SoapFault(code: 0): Could not connect to host at /home/pinnacle/fourkart.co.in/test3/vendor/magento/module-fedex/Model/Carrier.php:511)"} [] – Punith Mar 22 at 12:39
  • You log shows, the checkout page is trying to get the shipping cost from fedex carrier. Can you check whether fedex is enabled in backend if so is this configured with proper fedex account credentials? – Thamo Mar 24 at 16:23

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