In Magento Open Source 2.3.0 Release Notes

Magento introduced Asynchronous web endpoints in Release Notes.


PUT /async/V1/products/24-MB01


  "product": {
    "price": 29
  1. Isn't it same with normal API call ?
  2. And is it related to GraphQL ?

Asynchronous Web APIs

The only difference with synchronous calls (you can say Normal API call) is

The route to all asynchronous calls contains the prefix /async, added before /V1 of a standard synchronous endpoint.

Logical difference

Asynchronous and bulk web APIs will process API calls without waiting for the whole call queue to be processed. Using this approach greatly reduces the response time from the APIs while processing such API calls as bulk product integration, or customer import. This functionality will be available in both Magento 2.3 Commerce and OpenSource editions.

For GraphQL

  • GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It is one of the modern technique to build and query API.
  • Magento 2.3 executes GraphQL as an elective API endpoint in addition to REST API and SOAP API.

I hope this will help. I tried to cover all your question query

  • +1 thanks for the explanation! – Aditya Shah Mar 22 at 10:49
  • Thanks @Aaditya for appreciation. if my answer is helpful and covered your queries then please kindly accept it so it helps other readers as well. keep coding :) thanks :) – Muhammad Hasham Mar 22 at 10:51
  • Yes, I'll. Right now performing some cases for Asynchronous APIs from devdocs. – Aditya Shah Mar 22 at 10:53

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