I'm trying to create an order programmatically using braintree payment method and the customer's saved credit card.

// prepare adresses, products in quote, shipping method - skipped
    // Set Sales Order Payment

    $quote->getPayment()->importData(array('method' => 'braintree, 'cc_type' => 'AE', 'cc_exp_month' => '05', 'cc_exp_year' => '2022', 'public_hash' => $public_hash));

    $customer = $this->customerRepository->get($contact->email);
   // prepare customer

    // Collect Totals & Save Quote
    $order = $this->quoteManagement->submit($quote);

I have access to all of the saved CC information from the customer, I'm just not sure what info needs to be passed in $quote->getPayment(importData(array(....));

In my payment.log file I see the following error when attempting to create orders using the saved CC:

Cannot determine payment method.

Any ideas how to process payments using Braintree vaulted cards?


I was able to figure this out, you just need to pass the payment_method_nonce and public_hash along with the payment method braintree_cc_vault:


$quote->getPayment()->importData(array('method' => 'braintree_cc_vault', 'public_hash' => $public_hash, 'payment_method_nonce' => $paymentMethodNonce));


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