I have two stores with id 1 and 2. Am trying to add product programmatically using below code $params = array( 'form_key' => $this->_formkey->getFormKey(), 'product' => $productId, //product Id 'qty' => $qty //quantity of product
$this->_cart->addProduct($product_coll, $params); $this->_cart->save();

Checkout flow works well for the store 1. But for store 2, when I add any product to cart using above script. It is adding it to the store 1. I found out this when I looked into the magento quote table . Even though am in store 2, when i add product to cart the quote tables shows it is assigned to store 1. So the order was also place in store 1 instead of store 2.

Can anyone please help me with this ASAP?


Set store id when get product

$product_coll=$this->productRepository->getById($productId, false, $storeId)
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  • Actually am using custom REST API to add products to cart and to fetch all the cart items. When I return the store id from that API it return only the default store_id as 1 even if i'm in store 2. Can you please tell me what error i would have done during the custom API creation? – Prabhu M. Mar 22 '19 at 7:36
  • Is custom REST API is always in default scope? How shall I make that to other stores scope? – Prabhu M. Mar 22 '19 at 11:23

I was using my custom REST API to add, fetch and remove the products to and from cart.

The problem was I didn't specify the Scope section in the REST API url as per the Magento Documentation


<HTTP verb> http://<host>/rest/<scope>/<endpoint>

In place of scope we should pass our store code

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