I want to create products programatically by reading an xml file. Reading from xml, and creating product part is completed. I have no idea how to assign the products to category. This is my xml node for the categories.

<categories>Default Category/Wine,Default Category/Collections,Default Category/Spirits,Default Category/Spirits/VODKA/Plain,Default Category for Store 2/Collections,Default Category for Store 2/Wine,Default Category for Store 2/Spirits,Default Category for Store 2/Spirits/VODKA/Plain

Extracted categories from the categories xml node below

Default Category/Wine

Default Category/Collections

Default Category/Spirits,

Default Category/Spirits/VODKA/Plain

Default Category for Store 2/Collections

Default Category for Store 2/Wine

Default Category for Store 2/Spirits

Default Category for Store 2/Spirits/VODKA/Plain

To set the categories i want to use below code set

$category_id= array(4,5);
// add your catagory id

How can i get the category ids from the xml node <categories>...</categories>.

I can get the category id of a last word of category by using below code.

$categoryTitle = 'Wine';
$collection = $this->_categoryFactory->create()->getCollection()
if ($collection->getSize()) {
   $categoryId = $collection->getFirstItem()->getId();

But i cannot use above code , because i have 2 stores and categories belongs to two stores.Please help me to complete this task.

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