I'm having some issues with TinyMCE, which is causing the editor not to work on CMS pages and causes products not to load when attempting to edit them.

When these issues are happening, I see this in the console: [url]/static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US/tinymce.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404

and require.js:166 Uncaught Error: Script error for: tinymce

Note: if I look into /static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US folder, I can confirm that tinymce.js is not there, but there's a en_US/tiny_mce_4 folder with tinymce.min.js in it.

Anyone know what's going on?

Edit: one infuriating thing is that, for some reason, everything is working on my development environment. I rsynced the public_html folder from dev to prod, dumped/imported its database, and still the issue persists. So weird!


In my case, there was some additional cache clearing that needed to be performed. I had flushed redis and magento, but for anyone on MageMojo this is the command that fixed it:

/usr/share/stratus/cli cache.all.clear

  • how and where to run this commands ? – sumeet bajaj May 1 at 12:29
  • I am having the same error for Magento 2.3 so what should I do?. because it doesn't work after clearing cache – sourabh yadav May 1 at 13:42

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