I've been studing for the Magento certification and I came across a question in the swiftotter practice exam that said:

enter image description here

Can someone explain me why the answer I chose is incorrect? I thought the way you changed a block´s layout was with the answer I selected.


2 Answers 2

  1. Doesn't work

  2. It works and the Best one,

    higher priority than the <argument name="template" xsi:type..., explanation in 3.

  3. Works too :

    It works but the second one is the best because when the template value is specified in the template attribute template="..." have a higher priority when Magento generate layouts than when the template is set in <argument name="..."> one

  4. Doesn't work :

    (action node is deprecated)

Magento DevDocs Says :

enter image description here


It's not the prefered way

the preferred way is the answer marked in green.

you can read more about this in the official documentation.

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