I have 2 website first is magento1 and second is magento2.

so i have import only configurable(with associated product) product from magento1 to magento2 .

so what table to be taken magento1 and import magento2 table

or any query to be magento1 and magento2.

or tool for how to import or plugin

Lets me know

  • I guess that best idea data from magento 1 using import/export section and import that csv data to your Magento 2system
    – Amit Bera
    Mar 19, 2019 at 14:51

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Follow below steps:

  1. Import M1 & M2 DB in your local system.
  2. Compare fields of respective product tables from M1 & M2.
  3. Write query like below(example of sales_shipment table):
INSERT INTO m2_db.sales_shipment (entity_id,store_id,total_weight,total_qty,email_sent,order_id,customer_id,shipping_address_id,billing_address_id,shipment_status,increment_id,created_at,updated_at,packages,shipping_label) (SELECT entity_id,store_id,total_weight,total_qty,email_sent,order_id,customer_id,shipping_address_id,billing_address_id,shipment_status,increment_id,created_at,updated_at,packages,shipping_label FROM m1_db.sni6_sales_flat_shipment);

Note: Please arrange the fields of M1 & M2 in same order.

Hope it'll help.

  • (1) point ok i am import db in my local system. then (2) point which table to be configurable product and associated product field compare (3) point shipment query is ok but i need query of configurable and associate product . Mar 19, 2019 at 14:29

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