I want to add some conditions for the layer navigation counter. Basically I want to skip from counting some products.

In vendor/magento/module-catalog-search/Model/Layer/Filter/Category.php in _getItemsData we have a products collection, and then based on the collection, all the counter for the categories comes form this line :

 $optionsFacetedData = $productCollection->getFacetedData('category');

On the getFacetedData function we have:

 $aggregations = $this->searchResult->getAggregations();

This will return all the counters for all categories, attributes, prices etc...

If I add some condition on the product collection nothing happen with the counter, even if i remove all the items from the collection i still have the same numbers for category counter.

Does anyone know how this getAggregations function works, and how the counter works?

I mean where in the code i can find the actual assignment for the category x and the number of products associated with the category.

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