I have configured a basic install of Magento 2 with a theme for a client.

Magento is running on IIS and Windows. (Not WAMP), shared IIS hosting on windows (My own server).

I configured the shop to use SSL, and the complete shop runs over SSL without any issues.

However, when trying to use the market place, I get a weird SSL issue: "SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate" This error is shown on the Magneto shop (which is currently running over ssl), when trying to sign in to the market place.

enter image description here

I have found lots of hits on this issue, but all answers seem to lead to a self-signed certificate that isn't trusted or adding intermediary and/or root certificates. This is all based on XAMP, WAMP or native 'nix installations.

I do not understand what the exact issue is. I also do not know how to troubleshoot this further as the error description is very vague.

I would appreciate some feedback.



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