Magento2 error when clicking edit configurable product

below error shown

2 exception(s): Exception #0 (Zend_Db_Statement_Exception): SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'entity_value.value' in 'field list', query was: SELECT entity.sku, product_entity.entity_id AS product_id, attribute.attribute_code, entity_value.value AS value_index, attribute_label.value AS super_attribute_label, IFNULL(option_value.value, default_option_value.value) AS option_title, default_option_value.value AS default_title FROM catalog_product_super_attribute AS super_attribute INNER JOIN catalog_product_entity AS product_entity ON product_entity.entity_id = super_attribute.product_id INNER JOIN catalog_product_super_link AS product_link ON product_link.parent_id = super_attribute.product_id INNER JOIN eav_attribute AS attribute ON attribute.attribute_id = super_attribute.attribute_id INNER JOIN catalog_product_entity AS entity ON entity.entity_id = product_link.product_id INNER JOIN catalog_product_entity AS entity_value ON entity_value.attribute_id = super_attribute.attribute_id AND entity_value.store_id = 0 AND entity_value.entity_id = entity.entity_id LEFT JOIN catalog_product_super_attribute_label AS attribute_label ON super_attribute.product_super_attribute_id = attribute_label.product_super_attribute_id AND attribute_label.store_id = 0 LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_option AS attribute_option ON attribute_option.option_id = entity_value.value LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_option_value AS option_value ON option_value.option_id = entity_value.value AND option_value.store_id = 1 LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_option_value AS default_option_value ON default_option_value.option_id = entity_value.value AND default_option_value.store_id = 0 INNER JOIN cataloginventory_stock_status AS stock ON stock.product_id = entity.entity_id WHERE (super_attribute.product_id = 24079) AND (attribute.attribute_id = '') AND (stock.stock_status = 1) ORDER BY attribute_option.sort_order ASC

Exception #1 (PDOException): SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'entity_value.value' in 'field list'

So help me, someone.
Thank You

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