For example, there is project at www.example.com

How can I download this project and edit it on localhost. I am using nginx.

Can someone explain to me what I have to do step by step!?


You can follow below steps to setup local magento instance by using existing code base.

  • Download entire code base from server and copy to your local xampp / wamp document root ( C:/xampp/htdocs/xyz )
  • Download the DB dump from remote server and import into your local mysql database ( phpmyadmin )
  • Change the secure & unsecure base url from http://www.example.com into http://localhost/xyz/ in core_config_data table
  • Change the database connection details ( hostname, dbname, username and password ) in app/etc/config.php file
  • Give 777 permission on var/ , pub/ folder
  • Clear cache folders ( var/cache, var/page_cache, var/di, var/generation )
  • You have to ensure mod_rewrite is enabled in your apache config
  • You have to ensure "symlinks options" are enabled in your apache folder

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