I've been struggling with an issue regarding free shipping and gift card codes.

So basically I have a free shipping rule which applies to orders above $100, based on subtotal after applying discount codes.
However, my issue is that Magento does not make a difference between gift card codes and coupon codes.
For example, I don't want someone applying a gift $100 card code to pay for shipping, but I want someone who places $100 worth of products in their cart and applies a 10% off coupon code.

Is there an extension or a solution to this problem?

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Magento treats these both cases same as gift $100 card code is also a product which you are buying and or gifting to some one.

You have to create some kind of logic to filter the gift card type of products.


I think I found the solution. The current gift card extension was from WebTex and the shipping rules was from Amasty so there is a bit of compatibility issue. As far as I could tell, getting the Amasty version would solve this issue.

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