I am using Magento 2.3. I have defined 4 different simple products with a price of 3.99 each.

I want to create a grouped product to allow the user to purchase 1 of each product, with a total price of 15.00 (i.e. 3.50 each). I don't want the user to edit the single quantities of each product so that I am sure he buys the same quantity of each product.

This same quantity must also be handled in the cart, so that the user cannot edit the quantities from the cart. Probably a grouped product is not the correct choice.

How can I define the product ?

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Indeed the configurable product is not the right option.

What you should use for this is a bundled product so for example you have:

  • simple product A price $2

  • simple product B price $3

you need to create a Bundle product, for its configuration under Bundle Items you will need to create an option for each product (in this case 2 options) and add the product for each one. I think the best choice is toselect Multiple select for the Input type and check the required checkbox, also be sure that the checkbox User defined is not checked (this options does not appear always).

That would be it, you can change the Input type of the options if you want (to see which one meet your requirement) also you can select the QTY the user is going to add to the cart for each product.


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