I use in my decision the answer that was in this question Magento 2 Custom Collection

Everything works fine, but how to filter data when they are searched?

My code

$collection = $this->_postFactory->create()->getCollection();

    $collection2 = $this->_purchaseListCollection;

    foreach ($collection->getData() as $key => $data) {
        $data['model_number'] = 'tested'.$key;
            new \Magento\Framework\DataObject($data)


    return parent::_prepareCollection();

Code create table

            'header'            => __('Model number'),
            'index'             => 'model_number',
            'sortable'          => true,
            'type'              => 'text',
            'escape'            => true,
            'header_css_class'  => 'col-value',
            'column_css_class'  => 'col-value',

My code on model/resourceModel collection

namespace Magento\PurchaseWizard\Model\ResourceModel\PurchaseList;

use Magento\Framework\Data\Collection as DataCollection;
class EmptyCollection extends DataCollection


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