We installed Avalara Tax module in magento 2.2.4 CE and configured. We would like to setup calculating Avalara tax on shipping and handling.

I am trying to configure from magento admin end but showing note mentioned on the screen shot below


Please advise. Thanks

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Some of the Important note of AvaTax it may answer your query

Important Notes

  • Magento discounts are subtracted from the price before the total amount is sent to AvaTax to retrieve tax information. AvaTax is not sent any information about the discount amount, as the AvaTax 15 API does not support itemized discounting the way Magento does.
  • The extension has been tested in multiple currencies.
  • Transaction IDs in AvaTax are mapped to Magento's invoice and credit memo numbers.
  • Default tax reporting in Magento displays tax collected by each tax rule you created in the system. However, when using AvaTax, Magento tax rules are not used; instead, tax rules and calculations are configured within AvaTax. Because of this, Magento's tax report will (correctly) show that there are no Magento tax rules collecting tax. A full tax report suite is available within your AvaTax dashboard.
  • If you've customized checkout at all, it is your responsibility to confirm the continued functionality of Address Validation.
  • AvaTax will only accept an invoice ID and credit memo ID once per store. Thus if you're testing in environments that are capable of duplicating those values, be careful to increment those values in Magento or create new test stores in AvaTax.
  • Every time you save a customer in Magento, Magento will reach out and attempt to update that customer's data in AvaTax. If the customer doesn't exist, the module just ignores the error and will try again the next time you save the customer in Magento. This happens on customer save within the admin, as well as on the front end.

I hope this will help

  • Thanks @Muhammad Hasham for providing valuable information. but i m unable to find out the setting at avalara portal to configure the tax on shipping and handling – Nagaraju Kasa Mar 13 at 8:41
  • let me explain you with screenshots prnt.sc/mx6t9v prnt.sc/mx6u35 at magento front end it should display tax as 34.69 instead of 33.66 i hope now you understood. could u please review and advise now – Nagaraju Kasa Mar 13 at 8:49
  • Hi @Muhammad Hasham client has been fixed with the configuration at avalara dashboard and i am not sure how they configured. thanks once again – Nagaraju Kasa Mar 23 at 18:27
  • No problem @Nagaraju if my answer is helpful for you then please mark my answer correct so it helps other readers as well. Keep coding :) thanks – Muhammad Hasham Mar 23 at 19:13

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