We've recently migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and it seems that there is a large amount of information in our database files.

We'd like to try to mitigate this by clearing the log files but unlike Magento 1, there does not seem to be a built in facility to do this in Magento 2.

Is there a way to clean out the log files in the database in Magento 2 so that we can hopefully free up some space.

Our database is accessible through phpmyadmin if that helps.

  • have you tried exporting it with gzipped compression ?
    – fmsthird
    Mar 12, 2019 at 10:59
  • Thanks. I'm afraid that it came up with the following: [Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\CommandNotFoundException] There are no commands defined in the "log" namespace. Did you mean one of these? catalog:product:attributes catalog:product catalog:images catalog dev:query-log dev:urn-catalog
    – CJNotts
    Mar 12, 2019 at 11:02
  • @ShoaibMunir, I think this command is not exist php bin/magento log:clean .where you got it?
    – akgola
    Aug 5, 2019 at 10:28

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these are the tables you can clear/exclude from dumping:

  • "email_abandoned_cart"
  • "email_automation"
  • "email_campaign"
  • "email_contact"
  • "persistent_session"
  • "report_compared_product_index"
  • "report_event"
  • "report_viewed_product_aggregated_daily"
  • "report_viewed_product_aggregated_monthly"
  • "report_viewed_product_aggregated_yearly"
  • "report_viewed_product_index"
  • "session"

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