As per my requirement am creating the cart rule programmatically, for that i am reviewed the following code and implemented in my local

public function createRule()
    $price = 100;
    $sku = '24-WG085';
    $discount = ($price - (($price + 1) / 2));
    $shoppingCartPriceRule = $this->ruleFactory->create();

    $shoppingCartPriceRule->setName('Add a second for $1 - ' . $sku)
        ->setDescription('Buy one item at regular price, and receive a second item for just $1.00 more!')

    $item_found = $this->foundProductRuleFactory->create()
        ->setValue(1) // 1 == FOUND
        ->setAggregator('all'); // match ALL conditions

    $conditions = $this->productRuleFactory->create()

    $actions = $this->productRuleFactory->create()


But, when i execute the code i am getting the 'Uncaught Error: Call to a member function setOperator() on null.

I am not sure what is the exact problem in that setOperator, the following operators are available in core

                '==' => __('is'),
                '!=' => __('is not'),
                '>=' => __('equals or greater than'),
                '<=' => __('equals or less than'),
                '>' => __('greater than'),
                '<' => __('less than'),
                '()' => __('is one of'),
                '!()' => __('is not one of'),

Thanks in advance for your support and suggestion


I got the answer for my question, instead of setAttribute i tried to setData('attribute','sku') it's working fine.

$conditions = $this->_productRuleFactory->create()

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