I'm importing a CSV file with new subcategories not already created.
Some times products imported correctly and others it gives me:

general system exception
Asymmetric transaction rollback

Anyone can help?


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I had this issue recently and tried everything to resolve this.

  • Full reset and manual reindex (completed successfully)
  • Cleared Cache (cache:flush, cache:clean)
  • cleared all static files
  • Changed indexers to run on schedule rather than save
  • Tried setting $this->_isRolledBack to false in Magento/framework/DB/Adapter/Pdo/Mysqlphp rollback()
  • Reset Server, MySql and other services.
  • Tried deleting all products, reindexing and importing
  • full DB restoration

From my research the issue seems to point to a DB error, so I was confident that a full DB restoration would help. But after multiple restoration I still had the issue.

During the course of creating multiple clones, and trying to import products, I was successful on one instance. The difference was I removed all the image locations in my csv. (I had a lot of images with this import) But even if I reduced my product list to 100 it would still get the error. I was successfully able to import my products and later on imported the images in a separate spreadsheet.

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